Adding Value in a Hard Bid Market

Pacific Pile & Marine was recently named apparent low bidder on the Portage Cove Harbor Expansion project. The Haines Borough staff say they are pleasantly surprised by bids for construction on the first phase of the small boat harbor expansion.

“We thought we had about $15 million for construction. Pacific Pile came in with all the add alternates at $13.2 million, which left us about $1.7 million for construction to either accommodate change orders or anything that may happen with the project, or use it for further development of the harbor,” said Public Facilities Director Brad Ryan.A resolution to award the contract to Pacific Pile is set to go before the assembly at its Nov. 8 meeting.

Phase one work includes harbor basin dredging, a steel wave barrier, moorage pile replacement and an uplands parking area. The add alternates include additional dredging, sacrificial pile anodes, and extending the wave barrier. The borough’s goal is to complete work on phase one of the harbor expansion by May of 2018.