Pacific Pile & Marine is where private firms and public agencies can find an engaged partner to deliver logistical expertise and proven experience on heavy civil and marine infrastructure. Our goal is to help you build projects more safely, with higher quality, and lower costs, from start to finish.

Value Statement

Committed to the the needs of our Clients, our employees, and the future sustainability of our company.

The PPM Promise

We are committed to providing solutions to challenging projects that require logistic expertise while maintaining our conviction to safety, quality, and innovation.

Our team promotes the equitable treatment of our employees. We encourage teamwork and open communication. We embrace diversity and value the contributions of everyone in our organization. In doing so, we hold the actions of our employees to the highest ethical standards. Our goal is to maintain a reputation synonymous with safety and quality to attract the right people and deliver increasingly exceptional results.


PPM was created with the purpose to safely deliver turn-key construction solutions to complex projects across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Our Team goes well-beyond delivering projects on-time and within budget. We bring added value to the process by focusing on three key principles:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Innovation

We’re constantly exploring ideas to lower cost and increase efficiencies without affecting safety or quality. We empower our crews to think creatively. A common phrase around the office is “the impossible just takes a little longer”.

From preconstruction to final development, our team will work in a collaborative manner to understand the unique needs for your project. Our partnering process ensures a clear vision from the earliest stages of the project. Having this understanding allows us to ask the right questions to help you make the right decisions for your project.